Stealth Interceptor Series

  The Stealth Interceptor 2300is’s is an integrated radar detector and laser diffusing system with front viewing DVR. Its construction, unmatched performance, the complete simplicity of installation make it the pinnacle of protection against radar and laser guns used by law enforcement. Every effort was put into the development of our design and performance. Years of testing and filtering out unwanted false alerts, too dialing in K band interference from Law enforcement scanners inside their cruisers.

With its quick and simplified wireless installation, what once took 5-7 hours now takes 1.5 or less, with connection points placed for easy replacement parts from such things as front end collision damage. No more labor intense hours to install, drilling into firewall or routing wires all thru out the vehicle tearing apart all the trim.
By supplying competitive pricing, faster install and unmatched warranty along with better performing laser diffuser and radar detector with DVR continuous recorder. App-Tronics has succeeded in representing the consumer and distributors with an integrated system that will have continued long lasting success in the retail and distribution markets.

The 2200is with GPS 109 is our optional interior component LED installation with auxiliary speaker and separate control panel with all the same functions and features as the NDR-23 minus the DVR recorder.

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Stealth Intercptor 2300is Stealth Interceptor 2200is personal dvr upgrade