Hands On: App-Tronics SmartNav 5r

If you’re looking for an all in one solution that provides DVR Dive Camera, Backup Camera, Navigation, and Radar/Laser Detection, The App-Tronics SmartNav 5r is the device you are looking for. Want to find out why we think it’s so great? Keep reading and we will show you why.

The App-Tronics SmartNav 5r is a direct replacement for your  cars existing rear view mirror. You order the kit with a mount that matches up with the mirror mount on your windshield. Power comes from the included wire harness. The kit comes with instructions so you can install yourself, or as recommended, take it to a professional to install. The SmartNav 5r  uses just 5 wires to install the mirror, then 3 more for the backup camera.

Once you have the mirror installed, you will notice that it turns on automatically when your car starts. It also shuts off automatically several seconds after your car is turned off. A splash screen pops up that is customisable to your liking. You can use your own photo’s, an auto manufacturers logo to give you that factory look, or pretty much anything you can imagine.

Once started, you get to your main screen. The UI for the SmartNav 5r has been updated to give it a cleaner and less cluttered look than the previous model. This screen has 7 icons. You can choose from Only Navigation, Navigation with Radar Detection, Camera, and Movie Player. Lets start with the navigation.

The navigation used in the SmartNav 5r is iGO Primo. This program gives you turn by turn directions with visual alerts for turns, exit signs, and distance to the next turn. You can also track total time, time left, and with the included software, keep track of your mileage as well as your CO2 emissions.  The program is even capable of being used for truck drivers to show you acceptable roads for your weight limit. This is also a great way to still use your SmartNav 5r when you travel through states that don’t allow Radar/Laser detection

If you select the Navigation with Radar, you get everything from above plus audio and visual alerts for active radar/laser that you come upon. It also uses you GPS location to alert you of Traffic Light Camera that have been entered into the system. This can help keep your ticket count down if you like to travel in a hurry.

The GPS allows you to pinpoint your location. You can see how many satellites you are locked into as well as set your time to the GPS Satellites so you always have the correct time, no matter where in the US you are.

The iGo Primo app is updatable via a microUSB card.

Now to the DVR System. This system uses an HD camera that is built into the mirror to record all of your travel.  This takes your video recording and uses the GPS information from the mirror to overlay your recording onto Google Maps.

The SmartNav 5r also works as an entertainment unit. This unit can play music that is on a microSD card as well as play movies that are on the card.  To listen to the music and movies through your car’s radio via a FM transmitter built into the mirror.

If you want to connect your phone to the mirror, you can accomplish this via Bluetooth. With this, you can stream your music to your car radio, and make hands free calls. If you don’t want to connect the mirror to your car radio, the SmartNav 5r has 2 speakers built in that work quite well for phone calls as well as the navigation. If you choose not to use the FM Transmitter, you can also make a wired connection to your radio via an 3.5mm headphone jack on the back of the mirror. This jack works for both headphones as well as a line out.

The SmartNav 5r comes with a basic backup camera. App-Tronics also offers a number of different camera’s for sale to better match your vehicle, or even fit to look like and OEM install. This camera, when hooked up properly, gives you great field of vision for backing up to make sure you don’t hit that car that parked just a little to close, or the child that runs behind you that you didn’t see.

The SmartNav 5 and SmartNav 5r use 2 microSD cards. The first is used to store your DVR Video’s and the second is for Movies, music, or audio books.

Lets go over the updates to the SmartNav 5r from the SmartNav 5. First off is the auto dimming screen. This will dim the screen for you when not is use. This is great if you don’t want the light shining at night or if u want voice navigation without the visual alerts.  Next is the ability to view images from your backup camera with just the push of a button. This wasn’t possible with the last version.

The biggest change is the integration of the Radar and Laser detector into the mirror. In the prior model, this was a separate  unit that had to be installed in the front or rear of your vehicle.  This simplifies installation and also lowers the cost of ownership.

If the SmartNav 5r interests you, you can pick yours up now for only $599.00. Installation and cost of different rear camera are extra. Check out App-Tronics.com to check out the SmartNav 5r and all the other products they offer.