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App-tronics offers an extended warranty when purchasing and installing with one of our authorized dealers. We also will review and quickly except requests from online buyers to use their own mechanic or dealership to provide installation under this extended warranty up to 5 years. Please contact us at 1-888-587-4111 or email at



Optional Smartvision Add-ons



$ 19.95


$ 34.99

$ 41.99




Our newly introduced SmartVision answers the market demand for App-Tronics best-in-class quality and value at an exciting price point. We’ve retained our
signature 5” 600nit display screen, the brightest on the market, and incorporated the SmartNav 5’s reverse camera solution and Bluetooth 4.0. Perhaps most
significantly, the SmartVision features our patent pending Dual Line DVR recording. This newly enhanced system is capable of recording both the front AND rear cameras.

Our premium software provides separate footage folders: “Locked Footage” contains videos preserved by the G-Sensor when it is triggered by incidents such as impacts or accidents, a second folder for “Normal Footage”, and a third to capture still photos, all in HD quality. App-Tronics’ goal of offering relevant
technology in our products comes to life with the SmartVision’s incredible DVR system that shows date and time as well as speed tags and motion detection. These advanced capabilities ensure a watchful eye on you and your family. We also offer parking sensors, which may be purchased and added on separately, which show location and distance to impact.

SmartNav and Stealth Interceptor are the easiest systems to install. Read More.

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