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Utilizing App-Tronics SmartNav 5. Dealerships can now benefit their profit potential in many ways. Both on the used car side and new.

Smart Nav 5 has all the features that the luxurious factory units have at a fraction on the cost and with a seamless installation with any qualified technician the unit will appear to be factory.

App-Tronics is proud to offer warrantees to help suit your Dealerships needs.

If you are one of the many types of companies looking for that new product that can help boost revenue and increase exposure. App-Tronics, LLC has programs in place to assist in becoming an Authorized Dealer, Installer, Manufacture Representative and Mass Distributor. We can cater to most locations all over the globe.

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Auto Dealerships

Thank you for considering our SmartNav 5 applicational rear-view mirror. Choosing to add SmartNav 5 to your ongoing and current inventory of new and used cars that are not equipped with navigation, Bluetooth 4.0, reverse camera will make these vehicles more appealing to your potential customers while helping increase sales. While offering other features like continuous DVR recording, smart-phone music integration plus so much more. All aspects of Dealer’s potential concerns have been eliminated, making the choice to carry SmartNav 5 and pre-installing them simple.

Utilizing App-Tronics SmartNav. Dealerships can now benefit their profit potential in many ways. Both on the used car side and new. Listed below are just a few key benefits.

1. Keeping cars that may normally be wholesaled due to insufficient value to offer customers. Which increases lot inventory. 
2. Moving cars thru your inventory at a quicker pace that would otherwise sit for added loss of that vehicles daily cost. These cars being trade ins or lease turn ins. Where the cars factory GPS can't be controlled. 
3. Client advisors have the ability to offer more vehicles choices to meet a customer's criteria.  
4. With a matching warranty to original factory warranty, dealerships can feel comfortable knowing our goal of a no hassle profit is a reality.
5. Insurance discounts for drivers during F&I process will soon be come standard with the front viewing DVR continuous recorder, showing App-Tronics forward thinking development of our products.
6.Dealers will soon be able to contact their customers who have the SmartNav 5 pre-installed by sending service reminders or advertisements directly to individual mirrors. Please contact App-Tronics for further details on how this incredible service can be utilized.

With the ease of installation and OEM mounting, plus fully featured IGO Primo navigation with 3D building and mapping, SmartNav 5 will appear factory with all makes and models. Imagine being able to offer the best features consumers want in every vehicle currently on your lot that are just missing that one feature holding back a sale. Being able to show nearly every vehicle to a customer knowing they have the best functioning features like iGO Navigation, Bluetooth 4.0 with smart-phone music integration. We have also made SmartNav 5 updatable allowing for future needs and wants of consumers. See below for a full listing of what SmartNav 5 has to offer and click on image above our product page.

• GPS navigation turn by turn directions provided by iGO Primo fully featured
• Captive one touch 5” screen, with amazing speed
• DVR continuous recorder with micro SD slot
• Reverse HD camera on 5” display
• Bluetooth 4.0 with smart phone music integration for music library
• Optional radar and laser protection provided thru the same wireless technology with our Stealth systems
• Red light and speed trap database,
• Music, video & photo viewer uploaded thru secondary micro SD slot
• OEM mounting for factory windshield anchors
• Easy to use interface, allowing for the driver to setup as little as 3- 6 icons to be shown on its display.
• TTS text to speech allowing driver to listen to their uploaded EBooks.

App-Tronics is proud to offer warrantees to help suit your Dealerships needs. With our Extended Warranty provided to Dealers with purchase and installation of a SmartNav 5 System on used cars we will honored our warranty for the remainder of the vehicles factory warranty up to Five (5) years, for vehicles our extended warranty we be honored for Five (5) years. On used cars with no warranty or sold “as is” our standard Three (3) year warranty will be honored.

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