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NDR-23 With Red light and Speed Camera Database

NDR 23 NDR 23 Mounting Options NDR 23 Power Cord

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NDR-23 Optional Add ons




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NDR-23 Personal Driving Recorder

NDR-23 personal Driving recorder, with Event Recording and “Shake-on” feature. Designed to validate speeding tickets, vandalism and so much more!

The NDR-23 is our DVR recorder perfect for mounting to the interior of your windshield, easily hidden and out of view. The removable clip allows you to take it down to store or use its rechargeable lithium Battery to use as a nanny cam.

The NDR-23 is our interior component for the Stealth Interceptor 2300is, it receives the wireless alerts from the front bumper mounted radar detector and laser diffusers.

App-Tronics had so many requests to purchase just the NDR-23 because of all its amazing features, as in the “Shake-on” feature. This feature allows for the NDR-23 G-sensor to automatically kick on the NDR-23 with its own rechargeable lithium battery if an impact is detected. It will continue to record for one minute hopefully capturing who or what impacted your vehicle.

The easy to use interface gives you quick access to the video’s stored on its Micro SD card, which can be removed and used to view on your home PC. Once loaded, you will have access to days of driver video and audible recordings through the pre-loaded ADR Player. Seeing where the car was on google maps and the speed it was going.

We made the toggle or joystick user friendly allowing for the interior recording to be muted with just on upward touch of the joystick.  Please read more below or email us any questions you might have in all the useful ways App-Tronics NDR-23 DVR recorder can assist you in your everyday life.

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