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Stealth Interceptor 2300is - Radar detector, Laser diffusers and NDR23 

Ultimate Radar and Laser Protection! TheNDR-23 is a GPS driving recorder that protects you from insurance trouble of many kinds, including accidental liability, vandalism, and speeding tickets. Receiving its alerts wirelessly from the radar detector and laser diode Diffusers placed in the front engine compartment.

User programmable mute zones / warning spots, X, K, KA,Ku, laser, with ultra sensibility, diminished false alerts. Instant-on/ pulsed radar detection.Our super-high-power diode laser jammer diffusers that work against variable pulse rate(VPR) laser guns, such as LTI TrueCAM among other more traditional ones, and no jamming code. We have also developed a distributor kit that allows our distributors to collect pulse from new laser guns. It can then be included in our firmware for extended protection. Our laser diode diffusers are constructed to not allow water to penetrate their casing. Unlike our competitor’s shifters, water which seeps in, then freezes and cracks case. Any freezing climate or areas which use road salt quickly destroy the circuit boards. 

SmartNav and Stealth Interceptor are the easiest systems to install. Read More.

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  • Detailed Specifications and Features

    • Stealth Interceptor is completely updatable, allowing owners to update their system is a key feature that App-Tronics wanted to provide. One of our more popular updates done has been the “Shake on” feature. After you park your vehicle the NDR-23 will automatically turn on if the G sensor detects an impact. Using its own rechargeable battery it will record for one minute locking that video in a protected slot, hopefully capturing who hit your vehicle while you were away.
    • mute alert: if the driver presses the power button once it will mute the current alert coming through the speaker. When a new alert comes in it will make it audible so not to miss a new threat from law enforcement.
    • Interceptors NDR-23 is the interior cab display, control panel, speaker and DVR component. Its fits into the palm of your hand and can be wired in or use power outlet.
    •  The NDR-23 gives audible and visual alerts of X,K,KA ,KU and laser diffusers being engaged when law enforcement tries and fails to clock your speed
    • installation makes for discreet location while keeping the factory appearance of your vehicle. You can purchase a hidden conversion kit with 2 LED’s to be placed in visual realm of driver and extra amplified speaker which can be placed under dash.
    • unique program is the ONLY one in the world that truly works for LTI TruCAM VPR. See product page for test videos.
    • like our SmartNavthe front view digital recorder with a Micro SD card ( 8GB card provided) makes for a fun way to drive, while recording interior sound, speed and GPS location with Google maps. Access your videos by removing the SD card and inserting into your home computer. ADR player automatically uploads to view and share your videos.
    • GPS driven DVR recorder that protects you from insurance trouble of many kinds, including accidental liability, vandalism, and speeding tickets. It can be unplugged and will run of its own rechargeable battery. Then used for such things as a nanny cam.
    • The GPS within the NDR-23 is used by the Stealth Interceptors 2300is to warn driver of upcoming marked red light and speed warnings.
    • Registered Owners will receive emails alerting them of updated formats for the NDR-23 and the Stealth Interceptor 2300is. Which will add new speed traps, red light cameras, as well as firmware updates for the system itself.
    • axis G sensor saves the recording in case an impact is detected, automatically.